Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hotel Follies pt. 2

I am so sorry about the delay in posting. I just got back to New York. So here is the ending of Hotel Follies…

Hotel Follies pt. 2

I walk in and see the Lacrosse Tournament sign hanging and I know I am fucked. There were fathers and coaches walking around getting their guys together for meetings and keeping them under control. How the hell was I supposed to meet up with this guy?

I go to the locker room anyway in the hotel. I walk in and don’t see anyone right away. The locker room is larger than a typical health club locker room at a nice hotel. I look at the locker stalls and don’t see anyone in there. I decide to make myself look a little busy. After about 5 minutes (which seems like an eternity) I hear the toilet flush. I get frazzled. I take my shirt off and open a locker like I am getting changed and then I see him. The dude in the Mets hat. He looks at me. I lock eyes with him. Give a slight smile, all the while my heart is racing like 1,000 times per second.

He comes over and says, “You're slugger?”

“Yup. Nice to meet you”

At that point he leaned in and kissed me. Wildly. I am grabbing at his sweatpants like it was my job. Like I had never seen another guy before. We are making out, have out pants around our ankles and are right out in the open. Just waiting for someone to come and find us.

He stops and motions to the steam room (I know, very cliché)

We grab towels from the rack, strip down and head to the steam room. There is no one in there.He turns the temperature down, so we don’t die in there and start going at it like wild animals. We exchanged blow jobs while in the sauna and heard someone else enter the locker room.

A couple of the Lacrosse coaches enter the steam room. Now I know you are all thinking that an orgy breaks out but you are wrong. I look at Mets boy and walk out of the sauna with the towel around my waist.

He follows me into the shower area. There is a handicap stall with a door on it. Complete privacy. We show and rinse each other off. We both get hard again and proceed to keep making out under the shower. He stops me and says “not here”

At the time it was so sexy. We finish up the shower, get dressed and walk around the hotel. I don’t kno0w how he knew it but a small conference room was unlocked. He took me in there and shut the door. It was the only door in and out.

He took a condom out of his pocket along with a small tube of lotion that you get for free in your room. We start to go at it. I start sucking him and we are 69’ing on top of a table that will prolly be used for a business meeting in the morning. I am hard as a rock and he puts the condom on me and bends over the side of the table. I proceeded to fuck this guy for a solid 45 minutes in this darkened room. Doggie style, his legs in the air. I propped him up against the wall. We fucked like mad men. I laid him on the table and fucked him till I was ready to cum. He wanted it on his face. I pulled out, ripped the condom off and came all over his cute face.

After a few minutes,. He got dressed and said to wait about 5 minutes after he left the room to leave as well. I did.

The Next Day.

We had a double header. When I play on game days I get in the zone. Nothing can stop me. I am not distracted by a thing. I get up to bat in the first inning and slap a dinger down the first baseline out into the outfield. I get to first. Get the complimentry butt slap from the coach, give him my batting gloves and get into position. The first basemen stays close. The pitcher checks and throws back to first. I get back in time to be safe. I get up dust myself off and crack at the first basemen saying, “shit I can’t steal a base if my girlfriend asked.” It was something stupid like that. The first baseman laughs, looks up at me. Our eyes locked. In what seemed like eternity……

All I could think about was that conference room.


midwest dan said...

damn, real nice ending. glad to see you connected after all, hot!

thoughtful idiot said...

welcome back, bro. great story.

Steed said...

What a honey of a guy in this pic !

Anonymous said...

Hi boys!
He has really 3 legs!!
Plz, more photos of this elephant!!!


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Anonymous said...

Hi Athlete!
I didn't understend well (English is not my first language: I'm Italian): R U the cool boy in this photo!!!???
I've just jerked off in your honor!!


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DavisMcDavis said...

Great story!

And I hate to be the condom police, but I thought I would mention that you should avoid using lotion as a lubricant unless you look at the ingredients: many different kinds of oils, such as those found in lotion, can cause the latex in a condom to break down, especially if you're going to pound away for 45 minutes. So buy yourself some water-based condom-safe lubricant so you're prepared next time you make it past third base, eh?n ;-)

John B said...

Wow, just wow. Such a hot story to read—I can't believe you lived the reality!