Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fun at Shea

So I was able to go to Opening Day at Shea Stadium to see them take on the Washington Nationals. First off, not a big Mets fan. I was brought up a Yankees fan. But, Shea has always beena place where my high school friends and I would go get drunk and have fun. Anyway... the place was packed and I realized how big the stadium is and how SMALL their bathrooms are.

I have always been a big bathroom guy. When you are at a bar, I always try to sneek a peak at the guy next to me. See what he is packing and then continue to drink. Same goes for sports games. Usualy guys are in there to piss as soon as possible and get back to drinking beer and watching the game. This was no different.

There was this red head behind me. Had to be at least 20-21. He had a beer in his hand so who knows... We started talking about the game, David Wright had just hit a home run (such a hottie) and typical "this line is so long" blah blah blah. He was cute.

So I get to a urinal and the old man next to me is done so the red head moves in next to me. The kid came off as cocky and I knew why. He took out at least 4 inches of man from his fly. He was damn proud of that thing. Now I don't know if he is a grower or shower but I am gunna guess it gets a LOT bigger than that. You could even see his pubes that matched the curtains. Very hot. And It was all that I could think about the rest of the game.

Back to David Wright. The kid is an amazing baseball player who still has a lot to prove in the majors. but, with that homerun he will be making Mets fans happy for many years. Now only if he could make me happy... :-D


Matt said...

hot. good work!

thougtful idiot said...

yeah, i've always been a looker in the locker room and such as well.

and now you tell about your red head -- another fantasy too! hot damn!

so anyway, you were talking about spring training, the red sox have always had a tradition ... hope this link works ... pictured here: