Monday, August 11, 2008

Wrestlers Jerkin Off

According to Fleshbot, the two Nebraksa wrestlers named Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan are featured on gay porn site, as "Nash" and "Cal". Most blogs have picked up their nude pics and Fleshbot has their preview from Fratmen.

Some people are making a big deal out of this. Is it because these guys stripped down and made a few bucks over the summer? They have awesome bodies. Why shouldn't they be able to make a few bucks off of it?

I know it looks bad for the school and could hurt recruiting. Wrestlers always seem to do crazy shit. The wrestlers that I knew in high school and college always came off as bi to me. I would never make a move on them, because they were bigger and knew how to fuck someone up.

Anyway- I hope these guys can stay in school. I also hope they end up fucking eachother on some website somewhere because they are hot and need to share their hotness.


Anonymous said...

that is pretty hot, now i gotta go watch it!

haliaeetusguys said...

A couple of hot-looking guys wrestling is fun to watch, for me anyway. It doesn't matter to me whether they're gay, bi or str8, nor should it matter in my opinion. They put a lot of effort into sculpting their bodies, so why not show it! - Volker

borg_queen said...

Too bad I'm not a millionaire. Otherwise Paul wouldn't have to work a day in his life as long as he keeps his hair like that on the 2nd pic. ggrrrr!!!

Gomez Patchouly said...

Yeah, these two are hot. With straight guys it's all about the nut. And can they get one in an unusual and exciting way. I can't tell you how many straight guys I've gone down on, but they don't turn Gay from it. They stay straight. It's just a thing they do for kicks. But, oh, is it ever hot.

Anonymous said...

So these guys were kicked off the team for the conduct and not the rule about employment. Disgusting. If this were Playgirl, they would still be on the team. What a double standard. They wanted them off the team probably because the coach thought they were gay. Anyway we could protest this decision? It wasn't based on was based on "morality".

dan said...

great post, gotta love them tight little wrestler bodies though.... ah yeah

Gaspar said...

"Some people are making a big deal out of this."


So, if you ever came out of the closet, no one would make a big deal about it?

No offense dude, I read your blog and respect you. But you're criticizing the response these dudes get, while hiding from it yourself. I've always liked you, and I still do, but I've come to see you as a wanker, and a coward.

You need to come into life.

Jeff said...

I know this post has been here a bit, but it still boggles my mind they were kicked off the team for posing nude. As for the above post, that boggles my mind as well. I'm glad you share what you do share. It lets the rest of us "cowards" know we aren't alone. A lot of people are in careers or live in places where "coming out" is not a reality. I feel for the wrestlers. It's a shame their career had to end this way. As for you, there are a lot of readers of your blog that do appreciate what you do. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

where are the posts shane?

steevo said...

You around these days? Long time no hear...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you lost in the playoffs. Does that mean more time for blogging?!

Anonymous said...

they didn't get kicked off "just for being gay" --they're probably not even gay anyway...

NCAA rules expressly state that any athlete is not allowed to knowingly use their image for commercial gain. So if they got paid for using their bodies or even just editorial modeling it violated NCAA rules.

mascdudewriter said...

I totally agree, man. If a guy wants to make a few extra bucks on the side it's his own business.

Anonymous said...

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